Ginger Cook Original Art Puzzle of Hotel Couleur – 1000 Pieces

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In the fall of 2001  my daughter Cinnamon and I went back to France and drove around looking for inspiring things and places to paint. (Scroll down to see more)

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Current bid: $32.50

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In the fall of 2001  my daughter Cinnamon and I went back to France and drove around looking for inspiring things and places to paint. The town of Couleur by  the Spanish along the azure coast of  the  mediterranean sea was one of my favorite spots. Cinnamon took lots of photographs for me and this wonderful building with it’s outdoor cafe and statues made a perfect painting. Couleur was the home in spring to some of the world’s most renowned artist of the late 1800s and early 20th century. Monet, Gauguin , Renoir, Picasso and others all stayed and painted there.

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